Writing is a joy for me, and I pride myself on getting it right

The right style, the right voice, the right information. In my more than 40 (!) years of working with words, I’ve done that.

Featured Writings

I’m lucky. I rarely get writers block, and I usually like what I’ve written. Take a look for yourself; these are some of my favorite pieces.

Who, What, Where, When, and Why I’ve Written

  1. I wrote a speech for the Japanese CEO of an American pharmaceutical company who wanted to be funny.
  2. I wrote the naked mole rat exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo.
  3. I wrote several interfaith weddings; a few non-spiritual weddings; and several “second” and “third” weddings.
  4. I wrote an essay for The New York Times about “doing nothing” that was turned into a short film.
  5. I wrote a documentary about Russian Refuseniks that won a local Emmy award.
  6. I wrote two short plays that were produced by Theatre Ariel.
  7. I wrote an essay about my father that appeared in an anthology with John Updike, Calvin Trillin, E. Annie Proulx, and other top writers.
  8. I wrote articles about people who name their cars; people who sing in their cars; people who have messy cars, etc. for The New York Times.
  9. I wrote about gourmet chocolate, gourmet jams and jellies, gourmet coffee, gourmet mustard, goat cheese, etc., for a gourmet-food trade magazine.
  10. I wrote about dozens of travel destinations that are a few hours away from Philadelphia.
  11. I wrote a sales presentation for a pharmaceutical company for which I had to re-write a Michael Jackson song.
  12. I wrote/am writing a collection of everyday prayers (including one in which I express gratitude that I didn’t marry an old boyfriend.)
  13. I wrote two books for educators about the issue of gender respect.
  14. I wrote an over-the-top the script for the grand opening of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City.
  15. I wrote the website (and edited the annual report) of the Chester County PA Emergency Management Agency.
  16. I wrote The Jewish Journaling Book, Jewish Lights, 2004.
  17. I wrote a local tie-in for a Bill Moyers program on public television about the Bicentennial of the Constitution (and sometimes appeared on TV.)
  18. I wrote an article about taking a cruise down the Rhine River with 300 John Deere salesmen.
  19. I wrote about food and nutrition and won the Golden Carnation award as the best food writer in the United States.
  20. I wrote a graduation speech for the dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science of The University of Pennsylvania using “magic” as the theme, and used words like “abracadabra” and “presto-chango.” He loved it.
  21. I wrote a profile of the late chicken king Frank Purdue, who flirted with me.
  22. I wrote personal essays about a pair of my grandfather’s scissors, another about standing ovations, one more combining JFK’s death and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.
  23. I wrote a travel book to Philadelphia, and served as the local contact for providing material for a Philadelphia version of Monopoly.

Editing Services

With her clear and supportive editing style, Janet helps writers express themselves clearly, correctly, and in the appropriate “voice.” The former editor of a business-travel magazine, she helps her clients write things accurately and appropriate to the task.

What Clients Say

“The Jewish Journaling Book is a real treat. What I’m enjoying as much as the content and suggestions, is your voice – warm, relatable, and encouraging. I’ll certainly recommend it to others.”

From Arlyn Miller, teacher and poet

“I just finished reading your work and I feel like I have looked into your soul.”

From Phyllis Actman, avid reader

“I really like the graduation speech you wrote for the Dean! You have captured him–in the phrasing, the warmth of the text, the examples and the development of the ideas.”

From Joan Gohke, assistant to the Dean of the Penn Engineering School at The University of Pennsylvania

“This is so evocative! How your words speak to me! Bless you for the gift of your insight and poetry and ability to weave words into stunning tapestry.”

Rabbi Elliot Holin, Congregation Kol Ami, Elkins Park, PA