I do NOT use a red pen. (I don’t even own one.)

Sometimes you need the kind of coaching that is available only on an individual basis rather than in a class – and Janet can provide that — clearly, kindly, and supportively.

Whether you need input about personal essays, performance evaluations, a wedding toast, quarterly report, or a memoir, Janet can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, and gives you the necessary tools to help you move the writing forward. She can also support you if you’re stuck or having writers block, helping you get back, or find, your writer’s “voice.”

Janet is not a “red-pen,” negative sort of coach. She’ll build you up, and help you find and integrate the writing tools you need to succeed.

What Clients Say

“Thanks again for all of your wonderful help. Becoming a good writer has changed my life.”

Phil Straus, Long-term private student

“Thanks SO much for your expertise and word-smithing. I feel this is a much stronger document because of your input.”

Julie Cohen, Julie Cohen Coaching

“I finished the first draft of my play last week. The exercises you gave me definitely helped to unblock me, and made for a strong first draft.”

Daniel Abse

“Thank you for your advice, which was quite helpful in getting me over the hump. I’m looking forward to enjoying writing again.”

Jonathan Atkins, Princeton student