There’s something that happens in a class lead by an invigorating teacher who loves words and how they work:

Things fit together and make sense; things you thought you’d never master all of a sudden fall into place; and learning how to write can actually be pleasant or even — gasp! — fun.

Janet Falon’s classes are like that. Whether teaching effective email classes at the University of Pennsylvania or various hospitals and corporations; journaling skills to people dealing with cancer, either their own or that of a loved one; children of Holocaust survivors who are writing the stories their parents didn’t tell; or memoir writing with older adults in an independent-living facility, Janet helps people express themselves, and to do that comfortably and well.

And this all works better when the teacher has created a learning environment in which you’re not afraid to admit what skills you don’t have; where you’re taken seriously, whatever your quality of writing; where you know it’s safe to ask that question about writing that’s been puzzling you since fourth grade.

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