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Janet Falon
Janet Falon Writer


Janet Falon is an award-winning former newspaper reporter and magazine editor. She is the author of four books, and has written for prestigious publications such as The New York Times. A nonfiction writer, she specializes in personal essays and spiritual writings.

Janet’s Writings

Janet Falon Teacher


Janet Falon is an inspiring writing teacher, who teaches expressive writing, nonfiction, and business writing at The University of Pennsylvania, corporations, hospitals, and organizations. She is a journaling expert, and works with people with cancer, seniors, people considering bariatric surgery. She also leads a private nonfiction writing group.

Upcoming Classes

Janet Falon Coach


Janet Falon works with people on an individual basis, providing support about writing technique and more writing-process concerns such as overcoming writers block and writing for one’s audience.

Coaching Offerings

Janet Falon Editor


With her clear and supportive editing style, Janet helps writers express themselves clearly, correctly, and in the appropriate “voice.” The former editor of a business-traveling magazine, she helps her clients write things accurately and appropriate to the task.

Editing Services

Your go-to word maven

As a writing teacher or coach, I pride myself on being clear, knowledgeable, current, kind, inspiring, and I create a safe and accepting environment.

As a prize-winning writer, I offer many years of experience at a variety of genres — including stints as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor — and can draw upon this background to write about just about anything in a fresh, vital way.

And as an editor, I don’t edit with a red pen, either literally or figuratively, but I do know how to help you write what you want to write. I hope you’ll learn from my editing how to do your writing better the next time.

Who Works with Janet


Corporate & medical
business writing

For several decades, Janet has taught writing skills to many corporations and organizations that understand that good writing — even effective email — is the key to success in all sorts of endeavors.


health- and community-
based classes

Janet has taught expressive writing at a senior community, a cancer support community and an art museum where her courses have often dovetailed with a special exhibit for many years.


for journaling &
expressive writing

Janet leads ongoing nonfiction writing groups and self-sponsored-and-organized group sessions around the Greater Philadelphia area.


personal attention

Janet specializes in helping individuals with writers block, those who haven’t ever written or haven’t tried to do so for a long period of time.

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